Are you a manager? Are your employees in a slump? Are you a worker? Do you feel undervalued and – at times – just a little bit miserable?

As luck would have it, Argos for Business have created a day to counter all these negative feelings in the workplace. Employee Motivation Day 2016 will be taking place on Thursday 25th February, and will celebrate the efforts of the nation’s workforce and promote motivation in offices across the country.

Argos for Business have enlisted the help of three-time Olympic medallist and motivational speaker, Roger Black MBE, to promote their message. Black has provided tips for keeping employees engaged in their work; giving employees more responsibility ranks at number one on his list.

“In 1991, the British Team won a gold medal for the 4×400 metre relay team in the World Championships. In a brave move, and instead of listening to the Coach, we made the decision to change the running order the night before the race, and that decision ultimately resulted in a gold medal,” Black stated.

“By giving your team members responsibility to make decisions about what they do, you will see an increase in engagement and a greater commitment to tasks – because they have made it their own,” he continued.

Employee Motivation Day 2016 will also see the reveal of the results of the “Motivated teams” research conducted by Argos for Business, which will let you and your colleagues know how you #maketheteam. They believe that there are eight main types of worker: Big Idea Bods, Go-getting Gregarians, Observant Operators, Captain Questions, Independent Introverts, Confident Creatives, Logical Leaders, and People Oriented Performers. See how you #maketheteam via their interactive online quiz, which will be released on the day.

The Panoptic Media Marketing team are supporting Employee Motivation Day 2016 because we appreciate and believe in all of our employees. We believe that acknowledging our team’s hard work keeps our employees happy – and happy employees achieve better results and higher quality work, ultimately resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

If you want better results for your team, get involved in Employee Motivation Day 2016 by downloading the resource pack from, or by visiting the dedicated Facebook and Twitter pages and using the hashtags #EmployeeMotivationDay, #EMD, #MakeTheTeam and #NatMotivateDay.