25 February 2016 is Employee Motivation Day in the UK. Founded by Argos for Business, the event has been set up to put motivation at the top of the list for business thinking by inspiring passion and appreciation across the country’s workforce.

Are you a manager? Have your employees been feeling demotivated at work? Wish you could do something about it? Well, here are some top tips to help build their motivation.


  1. Set clear goals

Set goals for your team that are based on a clear collective vision that will inspire your team. Make sure you set realistic targets so that the goals are achievable; if the goal isn’t in sight, many employees will lose focus.


  1. Make training available

Offer training to your employees and help them to realise their goals. By giving them the education they need, you can help craft an innate desire to improve and drive success.


  1. Work smart, not hard

Just because an employee stays late every day doesn’t mean they have produced quality work. Without regular breaks, will they be performing to the best of their ability? Encourage your team to step away from their desks every so often to keep their work to the highest standards.


  1. Listen to your team

Make time and space to listen to your employees. They may feel that they are not in the right role, and by letting them use their talents they will feel a lot happier and begin to take pride in their work. Use your position to help bring out the best in others. Work with each employee to create their own personal development plan.


  1. Give your team members more responsibility

If you give your team members the responsibility to make decisions, you will see an increase in engagement and a greater commitment to tasks. Let them take ownership over certain projects and the results may just surprise you.


  1. Thank them regularly

Make sure you take the time to thank your employees when they do something well, but don’t wait until you are halfway out the door. Go out of your way to thank them whilst you’re still in the office; don’t let them think they are an afterthought. Keep your praise genuine though – a disingenuous pat on the back won’t make either of you feel good.


  1. Promote creativity

Many businesses have set processes and procedures that are efficient, but stifle the creativity of their workers. Ask your employees about company policies that don’t work well and work to eliminate or modify them. If you are sincere in this, energy will flow and employee engagement will be boosted.


  1. Money isn’t everything

Don’t use money as the sole motivator for your team. Think outside the box and come up with innovative, fun ways to incentivise your staff and create a sense of belonging. Reward exceptional performance with time off; offer parking spaces if parking is tight; organize cake days; serve them breakfast… The possibilities are endless.


  1. Organise team building workshops

Get your team to have face-to-face contact more regularly instead of just via email. Let your team spend some time together outside the office to promote inter-departmental co-operation.


  1. Be the best boss you can be

You can’t teach someone to play the piano unless you’re already pretty good at it yourself. Work on yourself first, and constantly. Just because you’re their manager, this is no excuse for you to relax and let yourself be carried on the shoulders of their hard work. Become your team’s source of inspiration. If you’re motivated, then they will be too.