Strategy disclosure for leading architectural sign company

Orlando, Florida, June 2017 – Interstate Sign and Light today announced their 2017 strategic plan for their Orlando, Florida facility.

The plan supports Interstates parent Company Panoptic Media’s ambition to expand its innovative range of digital marketing services across North America.

“The architectural sign industry is an exciting environment right now, whilst analogue signs are still being manufactured and installed, there is a real growth with digital and ‘smart’ signage.” said Daniel Dyer, Company President of Interstate Sign and Light. “Adding the installation and wrap around services of ‘smart signage’ installation, offers a real opportunity for growth into the iOT and beacon space”, continues Dyer.

As part of the technical nature of Digital and ‘Smart’ architectural sign installation, Interstate is investing heavily in recruitment and retooling the business for an enhanced customer experience.

Summing up the 2017 plan, Dyer added “Architectural sign installation is our comfort zone, we offer a superior service to our customers and light the way forward, retooling our ‘shop’ gives us greater capabilities and further opportunity to expand our relationship with our existing customer base.

Additional details regarding the acquisition of Interstate Sign and Light by Panoptic Media Marketing can be found in the External FAQ document which is available to the press and existing customers.

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About Panoptic Media Marketing Inc

Panoptic Media Marketing Inc is an International strategic leader in digital innovative advertising & marketing solutions, working directly with global OEM’s to create revenue streams from next generation technologies.

About Interstate Sign and Light

Interstate Sign and Light is a Central Florida based leader in the manufacture, installation and service of architectural signs.

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