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It’s foolhardy to say “print is dead” when you see how many publications are available and how often people actually read on planes, trains and automobiles! However, customers are often confused as to which is the right type of advertisement forum for their company; our  white paper goes over the benefits of both,” says Daniel Dyer, President of Panoptic Media Marketing Inc.

Print and digital media are just two of the options available to advertisers today but they are the two which garner the most debate. The pair are pitted against each other constantly by businesses who are unsure where they should focus an already stretched advertising budget. 

Our aim is to remove some of that uncertainty and offer some guidance to our clients and others wondering the same thing.

Inside you’ll find: 

  1. A summary of today’s advertising concerns
  2. A breakdown of benefits and downfalls for both print and digital advertising
  3. Suggested solutions to negate the issues associated with each.

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