Advertising in print gives you the advertiser considerable control by allowing you to target various readerships, with costs based on circulation and the characteristics of the readership. Reach a specific consumer group or specific geographic area or both.   Demographics and editorial content combined with size and placement deliver your ad to the consumers most likely to act on it making it more relevant than advertising in other media. A vast range of titles that appeal to a wide variety of demographics, lifestyles and interests, ensure that advertisers are getting maximum reach, exposure, ROI, connections and engagement for their marketing dollar. 

Today, multitasking is commonplace in all areas of life but when consumers read magazines they are much less likely to be distracted by other media or to take part in non-media activities compared to the users of TV, radio or the internet. Readers of magazines and newspapers deliberately engage with the material on the page.  

In addition, print publications carry a genuine or perceived credibility. Readers trust the information offered by the publication and the advertisements benefit from that trust and are given more credibility from appearing in the publication.

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