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It’s highly likely that you’ve already encountered Behavioral Marketing in your day to day lives. You’ve probably noticed that the ads popping up on your social media accounts are actually relevant to you or your business.

Behavioral Marketing, or Behavioral Targeting, helps you reach the right people for your products and services. Using information collected across multiple platforms to predict consumer preferences, Behavioral Marketing tailors adverts to the individual. This means that consumers are more likely to see ads that are relevant and interesting to them during their time online.

The process tracks data through cookies which take not of everything an individual does online. It will log purchases, sites visited and search terms to name a few.

For example: if a consumer is reading an article about running – they will probably see ads for running shoes etc. shortly after on other websites they visit.


Behavioral Marketing enables you to break through all that digital noise. It keeps the ads relevant to the consumer and ensures that your money is well spent. Who wouldn’t want to increase engagement and maximize ad efficiency?

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